Actors, Public Speakers and Everyday Life

Sarah Cathcart, award-winning actress and theatre director, teaches the Alexander Technique in Melbourne to actors, musicians, singers, public speakers and people in everyday life. 

The Alexander Technique Can Teach You How To:

  • Let go of unnecessary tension
  • Change postural habits that may be harmful
  • Move, play and speak with more freedom
  • Develop presence and power
  • Overcome debilitating nerves and embody poise and confidence
  • Become more coordinated which can reduce pain

“Working with Sarah Cathcart felt like coming home to my body.”

— Jessica, Melbourne Actor

“My sessions with Sarah transformed my ability to address a group with presence and connection, while helping me better align what is coming from my body language with what is coming out my mouth – very highly recommended!”

— Dan, Permaculture Educator

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Award Winning

Over the last 25 years, Sarah Cathcart has taught acting to hundreds of people, from beginners to professionals, in Australia and around the world.
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