Everyday Life

Our day is filled with activity – we pick up objects, walk, sit down, stand up, carry things, drive, run, cycle, write, speak on the telephone, work at a computer, wash the dishes, wash the clothes, hang the laundry, brush our hair, brush our teeth – the list goes on.

How often do we think about how we are performing these tasks?

Are we performing them in a way that is creating pain or discomfort?

Through learning and applying the Alexander Technique to any activity that we do, it is possible to:

  • Become more coordinated
  • Be more centred in the activity we are doing
  • Change postural habits which may be harmful
  • Notice undue tension in the mind and in the action
  • Free up possibility for movement
  • Become more efficient in performing the action
  • Find more pleasure in the actual activity

As we cooperate more and more with how we are designed, we find that pain and discomfort can be alleviated.


“Every morning I woke up tense. I was not able to stand for long periods of time. On long haul flights I could hardly sit still for the pain. Since studying and applying the Alexander Technique to my everyday activities, I am able to move through the world with greater ease and pleasure.”

— Emma, Melbourne Actress