Public Speaking

Sarah: “When I first began public speaking, I was so nervous I felt disembodied, had no connection to the audience and couldn’t remember how I had started the sentence I was in!”

Drawing on a combination of my theatre skills and the Alexander Technique, I can offer people skills in the art of speaking.

By learning to release unnecessary tension we can:

  • Develop presence, power and connection to the voice
  • Become more grounded, coordinated and centred
  • Overcome debilitating nerves to embody poise and confidence
  • Claim the space and connect with the audience
  • Have clarity of intention and connect with our material

Corporate Work

As a level one corporate coach Sarah has worked in Banking and Finance, and in the Building, Construction and Manufacturing industries – coaching senior executives in public speaking and presentation.

She is a facilitator and consultant in public speaking with Emmanate, a Melbourne company working with business leaders and senior executives in Australia and internationally, in the field of leadership development, executive coaching, facilitation and cultural exchange.


“Sarah is a fantastic public speaking and performance coach. She helped me line by line, manage a deep fear and anxiety in preparation for a large presentation. She was patient, present and had fantastic techniques to guide me through. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to friends and colleagues wanting to maximize their presentation skills.”

— Ruth Barson, a Melbourne based lawyer

“My sessions with Sarah transformed my ability to address a group with presence and connection, while helping me better align what is coming from my body language with what is coming out my mouth – very highly recommended!”

— Dan, Permaculture Educator

“Sarah is a first class advocacy coach. She provides deep insight and effective techniques on how to significantly improve Court advocacy. I would unhesitatingly recommend her for coaching purposes.”

— Don, a Melbourne based lawyer